Best Practices for Balancing The Everyday Leader

A little advice, in a lot of areas.


"Leadership is not about having all the answers.
It is about knowing how to extract the answers."

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Katie K Snapp
Leadership Coach and Business Consultant

and Skirt Strategies: Leadership for Women


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Is this you?

"I am frustrated with being a leader."
"I get stuck when trying to take it to the next level."
"I encounter fear and self-doubt when in a tight situation."
"I want to build a real team, not a floundering, bickering group."
"No one feels productive after meetings."
"I want a clear image of who I am as a leader."

Leadership is situational. You may have command of some great skills for organizational behavior management, but they may not always be appropriate. Every leader needs a toolkit of adaptable, effective skills. Begin by seeing what is available to you - a list of the "best of".

 ... the paths to lead others effectively
 ... ways to run a terrific meeting
 ... growing yourself through coaching
 ... discovering your voice and style as a leader
 ... building a great workplace
 ... and more coming all the time ...


What is your Unique Leadership Story as a Woman in Leadership?

You are defined by your
 leadership style.
What you do. How you do it.
Do you know how to do it all?

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Table of Contents

Ebook Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette Ebook: renovate your email practices and clean up that office! The step-by-step guide to incorporating a new email policy.

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Email Etiquette

Email etiquette: tips and guidelines pulled from dozens of business situations. What works, what you should avoid, what is becoming an unwritten workplace standard. Doenload an easy guide.

Continue reading "Email Etiquette"

Values-Based Leadership Course

Values-Based Leadership Training. Come join our training series for leaders.

Continue reading "Values-Based Leadership Course"

Negotiating For Mutual Benefit

Learn to get what you want through interacting effectively. This is a training workshop in two half-day sessions.

Continue reading "Negotiating For Mutual Benefit"

Are You Coachable?

Are you coachable? Certain factors should be in place for you before you search out a leadership coach. Take a quick assessment.

Continue reading "Are You Coachable?"

Technical Companies

Technical companies are different. Leadership requires a working knowledge of what may be unique about these technical evironments that is different than other industries.

Continue reading "Technical Companies"

Technical Companies

Technical companies are different. Leadership requires a working knowledge of what may be unique about these technical environments that is different than other industries.

Continue reading "Technical Companies"

Better Leadership: Skills, Tools, and Leader Workshops

Leadership: online resource for the everyday leader. Find the BEST OF. Get immediate online ideas and tools, opt for a free coaching session. Workshops for hands-on training.

Continue reading "Better Leadership: Skills, Tools, and Leader Workshops"

Thank You for the Wellness Sign-UP

Description here

Continue reading "Thank You for the Wellness Sign-UP"

Leader Reinforcement

Leader Reinforcement: how do you know if your leadership capabilities are working? There are mechanisms that can be in place to assess your success as a leader.

Continue reading "Leader Reinforcement"

Bio for Katie Snapp

Bio and personal history for Leadership Expert and Author Katie K Snapp: background and credentials.

Continue reading "Bio for Katie Snapp"

Book A Keynote

Book a Keynote Speaking Engagement: Dynamic and fun. Hear about leadership, the neuroscience of change, or women in the technical world.

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