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Great topics ARE available to government entities, and by using the Federal Supply Schedule, you can get a clear rundown of what is out there.

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 Contracting Steps: The How-To in Using the Federal Supply Schedule

Signing a Document1.    Agency identifies needs.

2.    Statement of Work is prepared.

3.    Ordering office obtains price lists from 3 Schedule vendors and conducts internal cost estimate.

4.    Ordering office prepares justification for selection.

5.    Ordering office submits justification or recommendation for vendor, funding document, and statement of work to contracting authority.

6.    Agency contracting office requests a cost quote against the statement of work.

7.    Vendor responds with a cost quote based on GSA approved contract rates.

8.    Agency contracting office awards a firm-fixed price delivery order.

9.    Vendor begins work.

10.   Agency serves as the delivery order administrator.

Through our affiliate, The Cumberland Group, Inc., we can point you to proven government training that has been a big hit at facilities like yours.

All courses are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Here is what is out there:
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Employee Development  

Coaching Skills


    This workshop equips managers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to effectively identify coachable situations in their employees, identify the root causes for employee's deficiencies, and be able to assist their employees in making positive change.


    Builds the necessary skills in managers/supervisors to effectively coach employees.

    Increases probability of success in coaching employee's behaviors.

Conflict Resolution


    To equip involved parties with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, evaluate, and resolve conflicts in person-to-person as well as group situations.


    Knowledge of individual conflict style.

    Greater ability to manage conflict.

    Understanding the effect of different perspectives on conflict.

    Enhanced skills in building strong relationships.

Diversity Training


    This workshop sensitizes managers and employees to the practical and legal implications of working in a diversified work culture and explores the ways in which diversity can be harnessed for more satisfying and productive results.


    Increased understanding of and appreciation for cultural and life style differences commonly found in today's workplace.

    Increased understanding of causes and solutions for diversity-based conflict.

    Development of a personal strategy and plan for tapping the potential of a diverse workforce.

Internal Consulting Skills


    This workshop provides a step-by-step approach for consulting within an organization either as a formally designated consultant or as a staff person who needs to be more effective without direct authority.


    Sensitizes internal consultants to the need for a structured approach and prepares internal consultants or staff to use such an approach with their customers.

    Emphasizes a customer-service orientation for staff persons.

Supervisory Skills


    This workshop is designed to build on the first line supervisor's knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to lead effectively.


    Equips first line supervisors with the skills necessary to supervise others in a manner supportive of today's work environment.




    This workshop provides executives, managers and key employees of operating divisions, information on purpose, methods, and success factors for benchmarking with other organizations.


    Attendees should be able to lead or participate actively in an operational benchmarking project in their organization.

    Executive attendees should be able to explain the value of and support proper organization of benchmarking within their organization.



    Provide managers of full organizations, operating divisions, and key support groups (HR, Financial) information on purpose, alternate methods, and planning/design/installation imperatives concerning gainsharing systems.


    Attendees will be able to lead the decision/development process in their organization on gain sharing, or comprehensively advise those who will lead.

Strategic Planning


    This process combines strategic planning with continuous improvement planning to bring about a "holistic plan" for an organization. It guides top management through the process of integrating contemporary management styles into the financial aspects of long range business planning.


    Simultaneously examines both the strategic and culture issues facing the organization.

    Focuses top management on both financial and non-financial goals and actions.

    Examines both the traditional organization structure and the structure needed for breakthrough and incremental improvement.

    Balances an organization's efficiency and effectiveness measurements and their influence on customer satisfaction.

 Consulting your Group
Supplier Teambuilding


    This event is intended to build effective relationships, enhance existing relationships, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating more productive partnerships in the future.


    Establishment of joint operating principles and practices.

    Short-term problem resolution and long-term partnership orientation.

    Mutual understanding of each party's viewpoint.

    Clarification of product and process requirements.

    Transfer of teambuilding skills and techniques.

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